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Cooking Clay Pot


Handmade Clay pots from the  Greek Islands.  With hand painted floral motifs. 

Size range from 15cm to 32cm. 

Can be used from oven to fire. Great for stews.

Honey Jar


Carved out from a single piece of olive wood. These honey jars are each unique on its own. Comes with an olive wood honey dipper

Height of jar approx. 15-16cm

Food Platter


Olive wood platter.  Each unique in each olive tree’s trunk design.
Used often as a food platter or cheese platter. Shines with a little polish of olive oil over wood.
Solid & sturdy.
Each piece measures from 38-45 cm



Olive wood coasters.  Each set of 8 coasters stands into an olive wood base.  Can also be used as a centerpiece decor, mezze plate etc.  Each coaster is approximately 9cm in diameter

Our Olive Wood


Olive wood Artefacts. Hand made items for everyday use in kitchen and in a modern house. Every item is unique, has its own patterns, its own Character. Choose yours !

Fruit Basket


This fruit basket is made by one single piece of Olive wood. A very precise and artistic work need to be done to reach to this beautiful result. Unique patterns, one of its kind is every fruit basket that you can find in Oiko-GK

Chess Board w Pawns


Chess board with Pawns. All made from Olive wood. Enjoy a Chess game on this beautiful Chess board. Each side has also a drawer to store the Pawns.

Salad Mixing Hands


Hand made Olive Wood Hands to mix your Salads. Unique patterns and durability. Very easy to use them. 

Salad Fork & Spoon


This set of salad mixer is curved out from a single piece of olive wood. Each set measures approx 28cm in length

Wine Bottle Caps


Wine bottle Caps, made from Olive wood. Handmade and everyone with a different original and unique pattern. Use them for other bottles too. Top part is Olive wood, bottom part is real cork.

Oiko GK

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