GSS 2020 Twin Pack Specials! Papapavlos Private Estate Olive Oil, Black & White Truffle Oil, Apple & Peach Marmelade, Balsamic Cream !

Chili & Oregano Olive Oil 375ml


These Organic Oregano or Chili infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils, are rich in monounsaturated fats which are healthy dietary fat, Chilli EVOO is great for pastas, salads & stir fries. Oregano EVOO on the other hand is perfect for cheese & grills.

Papapavlos Private
Estate 500ml


PAPAPAVLOS Private Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted from green Hondrolia variety olives found only in the northern part of Greece – Halkidiki.
These olives are handpicked from the trees when they are still young to ensure their quality and nutritional values.

Chestnut Honey 500gr


Chestnut Raw Honey is the richest in antioxidants, antibacterial and natural antiseptic properties. Hailed as a medicinal honey – great for abdominal and respiratory issues. Low in honey sugar & has a slight bitter after taste. Our Chestnut honey is awarded with Great Taste Award 2019

Erica Honey


Erica honey is the perfect antidote for sorer throat,sinus, allergies and respiratory ailments Rare honey that is seasonal due to weather conditions.
It is a very delicate honey to harvest & crystallise fast.

Apple & Peach Marmelades 230gr


Apple and Peach Marmelades made from Fresh Fruits. 100% Sugar Free !
May contain whole fruit chunks. No Preservatives, No Sweeteners.
Try it out today !

230gr Glass Jar

Stuffed Green Olives 230g - 500g


Halkidiki Green Olives are large green Greek olives – commonly harvested in Macedonia region – North Greece while they are just ripped. Processed through brine ( salty water ) curing which gives a firmer meat texture,  full soft flavor slight tartness and peppery in taste. 

Red Wine Vinegar


DRASPETI – 100 year old aged red wine vinegar is made from red wine, & the final product is non-alcoholic.  Like red wine, it is free of cholesterol, fat & sodium. This vinegar is the product of a family owned recipe located in Halkidiki, Greece.

Black & White Truffle Oil 100ml


White or Black Truffle infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is low in calories but has high vegetable protein. Truffles are different from other mushrooms; the flavors found on a truffle is complex, & are best with eggs, pasta, salads to enhance the food.

Balsamic in 4 Tastes


Greek white balsamic vinegars with Honey Mustard ( 250ml ) , Fresh Orange ( 200ml ), Thyme Honey ( 200ml ), Pomegranate & Aronia ( 200ml ).  Its intense taste, makes this condiment an exceptional product for grilled meat, chicken and fresh salads. Also ideal for marinades.

Sundried Tomatoes 180g


In Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Juicy, plum tomatoes dried under the Greek sunshine & infused in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, brings you this delicious combination. Used on its own or to enhance your favorite dishes.


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