Phase 1 Promo! Complimentary‘Made in Italy’ bracelet for minimum $75 spent or minimum $90 for a complimentary necklace!

Pastel Linen/Silk


Price : $90

Beautiful pastel half linen, half silk tunic. Great for Singapore weather as it is comfortable and loose and it comes in a few different colours. Can match with simple white pants. 

Trendy Military pants

Trendy military pants in a pink/gray variation with a matching top. The top has a subtle military design to juxtapose yet match the pants.
The pants are one size fits all and are very stretchy and comfortable. 

Modern Top with Gray pants


$ 120 – Pants , $90 Top

Simple yet modern top with gray pants. Both are available in different colours and are one-size-fits-all. 

Fashionable Animal Print

Price : $ 120
Spice it up with fashionable animal print available in yellow, brown, beige and gray! The pants are great for Singapore weather as they aren’t lined allowing your legs to breathe.

Denim shirts


$75 Shorts, $ 60 T-shirt

Denim shirts are perfect for taking a walk or running errands in the Singapore heat, Pair them up with a casual cotton T-shirt and you’re good to go.

T-Shirt & Pants


$120 Pants, $ 50 T-shirt

Italy has been known for quality fabrics and craftsmanship since the dawn of time, and it doesn’t get better than stretchy yellow leopard-print pants that come with a silk belt plus a T-shirt with summery espadrilles printed on! Pants: $120 T-shirt: $50

Smooth Warm Pink


$120 Pants, $75 T-Shirt

This experienced-looking and crumped fabric is the amazing feature of these pants and it juxtaposes the beauty of the smooth warm pink top with a giant HAPPY telling the world how you feel! Pants: $120 T-shirt: $75



$130 Pants, $75 T-Shirt

These sophisticated pink pants with gray stripes are the main feature of the SS20 collection due to their great versatility. Pair them up with a loose white top to express your ability to look casual and elegant during the day or night!

Rock & Roll


$120 Pants, $ 60 Top

Rock&Roll has been a staple of pop-culture for decades and it sure isn’t coming out of style! To make the sequins pop out more pair it with a unique green top! 

Leopard Print pants


$130 Pants,  $75 Top

Combing the best of all worlds, these leopard-print pants have subtle shimmery lines passing through making them a staple piece.They also have glitter effect embellished on the print! Can pair it with than a gray shimmery top with incredibly soft fabric!

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